Chinese Fried Rice with Egg and Ginger

This is one of my favorite confinement foods. I can eat this every day and not get tired of it. Fried Rice with Egg and Ginger is not only a nourishing confinement food, it can be eaten even after the confinement period. I love ginger with everything. Ginger warms the body and helps expel wind too. That's why one of the most important ingredients to stock up on is ginger when you shop for all your confinement food recipes.

To make this Chinese Fried Rice with Egg and Ginger, you only a few basic ingredients:

200g cooked rice
80g old shredded ginger
2 eggs beaten lightly
2 tbsp sesame oil

A pinch of salt and some soy sauce will make the dish more delicious


1) Heat up sesame oil and fry the shredded ginger over a low fire until fragrant. You can tell when it turns a light golden color.

2) Add in the beaten egg slowly and stir-fry till cooked.

3) Add the bowl of rice and a little salt to the ginger and egg. Stir-fry over high heat till fragrant. Just before serving, add the soy sauce in and stir till all ingredients are well combined.

4) This Chinese Fried Rice with Egg and Ginger is best served immediately.