Pig's Trotter With Vinegar Recipe

To be honest with you, i'm not very much of a meat eater. But during my confinement period, i have not much say in what i eat since my MIL does all the cooking. And it's only for a month, so, what the heck. Everything she cooks is to nourish my spent body. I really shouldnt be complaining at all as to what confinement foods she cooks for me since not many women has the luxury of a MIL taking care of her during her confinement period.

Once in a while, she will cook this Pig's Trotter With Vinegar Recipe. It has black beans in it which is supposed to increase milk supply as i'm a breastfeeding mom. I shudder each time i'm made to eat this Pig's Trotter With Vinegar. Half the time, i'll remove the fatty parts of the Pig's Trotter, drink the vinegared soup and wallop all the black beans, lol. As for the fat and skin, sorry.... all goes down the drain. Go ahead and hate me :p

Yesterday, someone brought some Pig's Trotter With Vinegar over. I took the opportunity to ask her for her famous Pig's Trotter With Vinegar Recipe that most of my SILs and neighbors rave about. And i was so glad that she was in such a good mood to share this Chinese confinement food recipe with me.


1 pig’s trotter (2kg)
1500ml sweetened black vinegar
3 tbsp sesame oil
3 tbsp rock sugar
salt (as desired)
1 cup black beans
600gm old ginger
750ml water


1) Rinse the pig’s trotter and cut into convenient pieces. Peel and cut the old ginger into pieces, flatten lightly and set aside. Blanch with hot water to remove the "raw meat" taste and smell.

2) Heat the sesame oil in a pre-heated wok and saute the old ginger pieces and black beans till fragrant. Remove and transfer a large claypot.

3) Pour in the vinegar and water, cover and bring to a boil. Reduce to low heat and cook for about 20 minutes. Remove from heat. Let the mixture soak overnight.

4) Blanch the pig's trotter pieces in hot water. Remove and drain. Stir-fry in a pre-heated wok for a while. Add rock sugar to it and continue to stir until sugar is fully dissolved and aromatic.

5) Lastly, bring the soup back to a boil. Add the pre-fried pig's trotter pieces into the claypot, cover and simmer over medium heat for 35 minutes or so.

6) Remove from heat, leaving the pig's trotter pieces in the vinegar soup. Let it soak until the all the pig's trotter pieces are tender and the flavor has been absorbed and aromatic.

This Pig's Trotter With Vinegar is best served with a bowl of hot rice, or on its own. I cant stop drinking the sweet vinegared soup though. Half the time, the vinegared soup and black beans are all gone before the pig's trotter, lol. Do give this Pig's Trotter With Vinegar Recipe a try.

Chicken Essence Recipe

Dont ask me how much Chicken Essence i have consumed during my confinement period. My mother-in-law prepares for me Chicken Essence almost every other day. She used to prepare it with brandy but i prefer it with DOM. It's just a preference. But honestly speaking, DOM has more nutrients and tastes better too.

I just love the sweetness of DOM. Together with the chicken, it makes a perfect nourishing confinement drink. Do bookmark this important Chicken Essence recipe and share amongst your friends. This very nourishing confinement drink drink will complement all your confinement foods well.


500g chicken
1 cup/250ml DOM or Brandy


1. Wash chicken thoroughly. Remember to remove the skin and scald in hot water. Rinse, pat dry and set aside. Place chicken and cognac into a double boiler. Cover with lid and double boil for 2 1/2 to 3 hours.

2. Remove chicken and pour the Chicken Essence into a cup or bowl. It's best served warm.