As of time of writing, my youngest kid is already about to turn two years old. My eldest is nearly five. Both boys. You wont find any pics here on this blog. I know nuts about blogging when my kid was born and never thought that i'll make a blog for Chinese Confinement Foods one day. The Chinese Confinement Food recipes here are what my mother-in-law cooked for me after the birth of my two kids. All tried and tested recipes.

It's important for women to rest well right after childbirth. Confinement Foods will provide all the nourishment needed to replenish a spent body, making it strong again. I believe i deserve to rest and eat well during the confinement period. I've seen many of my friends who dont believe in confinement foods and end up white and pale even three months after the birth of their baby. Dont be like them. Take care of your body well after childbirth. Important for old-age and also if you intend to have more children.

Do give some of these Chinese Confinement Food recipes a try. They are not only meant for confinement period. Most of these Chinese Confinement Foods are very good and nourishing.

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