Nourishing daily confinement drinks

It's important to ensure that we get adequate amount of water intake during the confinement period. And no, i dont mean plain water. My old folks say it's not good to take plain water, especially cold water. Has lots of "wind" in it. Bad for old age. Though the young may argue and go against it, the old folks' advice is that you'll know when you are old. Up to you whether you want to continue with drinking cold water or try some of these "warm" nourishing daily confinement drinks.

I'm grateful that my Mother-in-law was there to help with the cooking and daily confinement food preparations. As i'm all for exclusive breastfeeding, these nourishing daily confinement drinks will ensure that i have sufficient nutrient and liquid in me to produce lots of breastmilk for baby. Here are just some of my favorite nourishing daily confinement drinks:

Dates Tea

Fried Ginger Rice Tea

Dang Shen Tea

Pepper and Dang Shen Ginger Tea

Black Beans and Nan Dates Tea

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